#YouAreIncluded is new theme for 26th Pride Amsterdam

The theme of this year’s Pride Amsterdam will be #YouAreIncluded which stands for the inclusivity that everyone strives for individually, according to the organization’s press release. This year’s boat parade will make a number of statements. No fewer than three women’s boats are taking part, including a boat for bi-cultural women. In the context of the commemoration year 150 years of the abolition of slavery, two Surinamese boats will also sail along, including the Parea boat, which is cared for by Jeangu Macrooij.

Furthermore, the Pride Amsterdam Foundation announced that there will also be inspiration from the animal kingdom in terms of diversity, gender and sexuality with ARTIS participating for the very first time. A total of 80 boats will form the 26th edition of the world-famous Canal Parade on Saturday, August 5.

“This edition is the 10th time that the Pride Amsterdam Foundation has organized the boat parade and it is fantastic to see what the theme brings about,” said Lucien Spee de Castillo Ruiz, director of Pride Amsterdam.

Pride Amsterdam will be all about diversity within the LGBTIQA+ community this year, working with 50 ambassadors. With the #YouAreIncluded theme, the Amsterdam Pride Foundation aims to represent both individuals and groups fighting for equal rights. Therefore, visibility is very important for this and the many activities that are organized to bring people together help, stated the organization.

“Diversity is reflected in the parade in many forms and with the participation of our Pride Business Club members, no less than €100,000 has been made available for visibility and empowerment activities of LGBTI+ organizations,” wrote Pride Amsterdam Foundation.

Pride Amsterdam will take place from 1 to 6 August 2023 and is part of Queer & Pride Amsterdam that will take place from 22 July to 6 August.

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