Woman severely injured by horses spooked by hot air balloon; Police looking for pilot

The police are looking for a hot air balloon pilot who spooked horses between Oldenzaal and De Lutte on August 21 last year. The horses knocked over a woman, who was seriously injured, RTV Oost reports.

The woman was loading horses near Ready’s tennis court when the low-flying red hot air balloon came by. The balloon spooked the horses, who ran off, knocking the woman to the ground.

The victim was hospitalized for ten days, including four days in intensive care. She suffered a skull fracture in the fall. The woman lost her sense of smell and taste and now struggles to deal with crowds and noise.

The balloonist may have acted criminally, a police spokesperson said to the broadcaster. “In order to assess this, the statement of the balloonist and any witnesses is vital.”

The police believe the man knows what happened – the victim’s daughter saw him looking in their direction as he flew off. “The daughter could see the man well, confirming the suspicion that the balloon was flying too low. The balloonist never came forward,” the police spokesperson said.

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