Western passenger tunnel of Amsterdam CS closing next month for renovations

The western passenger tunnel at Amsterdam Central Station will close on the center side from September 25 for renovation. The IJ side of the passenger tunnel will remain open, ProRail reports.

The closure of the passenger tunnel is the next step in the Amsterdam Central Station renovations. BAM already started relocating the cables and the pipelines in the western passenger tunnel. From September 25, they’ll start working on the gates.

Later in the year, the wheelchair ramp will be removed and replaced with stairs and an escalator. There will also be two lifts that connect the entrance, the passenger tunnel, and the first platform, making them all more accessible, ProRail said. The floor tiles will be replaced, and the monumental arch construction under the first platform will be rebuilt.

The work in the station’s monumental central hall is nearing completion but will take at least until the start of next year, ProRail said.

Travelers arriving by train can walk to the city center via the other passenger tunnels, ProRail said. Detour routes will be indicated in yellow and black signs. The entrance to the NS Tickets and Service Desks has been moved to the front of the station for now. The night counter will be located on the IJ side during the work.

ProRail hopes to have the tunnel renovations completed by mid-2024.

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