Two girls stuck in Amsterdam’s meter-high carousel for almost an hour

Two girls were trapped in a carousel at the fairground in Amsterdam’s Westerpark for nearly an hour Friday afternoon when the attraction was meters high. This was confirmed by the fire department, according to a report by AT5. A mechanic was eventually able to ensure that the duo could come down safely.

A so-called height rescue team had been alerted, but ultimately did not need to come. The two were brought down by ambulance as they had been trapped in the cold for nearly an hour.

When it turned out that the attraction had broken down and there were still two people above, it was not possible to intervene immediately. Furthermore, the owner of the attraction was missing, fairground operator Frans Stuy told AT5. “The owner was drinking a cup of coffee at Pacific and we had to go find him. He arrived and then went up and lowered it manually,” Stuy explained.

Due to the enormous height of the merry-go-round, it took about 20 minutes before the two girls were able to get off the ride. After the successful rescue operation, the two girls came back down unharmed, AT5 reported.

Reporting by ANP and NL Times

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