TV debate: Collision between coalition parties about nitrogen target for 2030

The leaders of the Senate lists of the coalition parties VVD, D66 and CDA clashed in a WNL television debate on nitrogen policy. In a vote on the importance of the 2030 nitrogen target, all three voted differently.

During the television debate, D66 MP Paul van Meenen emphasized that “Farmers are the biggest victim of postponement of nitrogen measures.” Annabel Nannunga from the right-wing party JA21, however, countered that “the only thing that locks this country down is that ridiculous nitrogen target.”

The statement “Ignoring the 2030 nitrogen target leads to standstill” came from Paul van Meenen. He said that a “blockade bus” from the “extreme right” (namely: BBB, Forum for Democracy, PVV, and JA21) could soon stop the nitrogen policy in the Senate, and warned against it.

CDA MP Theo Bovens voted against the proposal, saying that for his party the year was not sacred, but the goal was. VVD MP Edith Schippers refused to vote because the proposal was polarizing.

The stance of the three governing parties led to murmurs among the opposition parties present, PVV, GroenLinks and JA21. According to PVV MP Marjolein Faber, the VVD does not dare to say that the nitrogen targets are meant to drive away farmers and accommodate asylum seekers.

Annabel Nanninga (JA21) said to watch the discussion between the coalition parties “with popcorn and Coke.” “You won’t get anywhere,” Paul Rosenmöller of GroenLinks told VVD, D66 and CDA.

Reporting by ANP and NL Times

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