Turkey: Survivor rescued from rubble by Dutch sniffer dogs

Seven people have now been pulled alive from under the rubble in the Turkish disaster area thanks to Dutch rescue dog teams, RHWW reported.

Partly due to the work of a Dutch rescue dog team, a survivor was rescued from under the rubble in the Turkish city of Antakya on Friday. At the request of Turkish volunteer rescue workers, two of the team’s dogs searched a spot Thursday where a survivor might be. To the team’s surprise, the person was found alive there on Friday.

The chairman of the RHWW rescue dog team could not give more details about the rescued victim on Friday evening. Three bodies were also recovered during the search operation, the team reported. On Friday afternoon, evidence of possible survivors was again found under the rubble. The search at the site is currently ongoing.

The Teams of Cooperating Rescue Dogs Organizations (SRO) will fly back to the Netherlands on Saturday and are expected to land at Schiphol Airport at 5 p.m.

Reporting by ANP

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