Towing of burning cargo ship has been canceled for the time being

The towing of the burning cargo ship Fremantle Highway to a site north of the Wadden Island of Schiermonnikoog has been canceled for the time being, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) reported. According to RWS, the smoke development from the fire and the current wind direction currently make this operation impossible.

The wind is pulling over the tug during the towing operation. “Should the salvage company begin towing now, it is not without risk, and the safety and health of the crew always comes first,” RWS said. Winds will continue to come from the southwest in the coming days, so towing may not occur for several days. “Until then, the ship will remain in its current position,” RWS explained.

According to RWS, the condition of the ship is constantly monitored by salvage experts, such as naval architects, hazardous materials experts, firefighters, as well as navigators. This is done in cooperation with experts from RWS and the Coast Guard.

The burning cargo ship Fremantle Highway, which has been on fire for four days near Terschelling, was originally scheduled to be towed away this weekend. The plan was for the ship to be moved to a temporary anchorage 16 kilometers north of Schiermonnikoog, Rijkswaterstaat reported on Friday.

Reporting by ANP

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