Tom Egbers not on TV at NOS Sport this weekend after accusations of transgressive behavior

Tom Egbers will not be on NOS television on Sunday. This was communicated to ANP by a spokesperson for the Dutch broadcaster. Egbers wants to “offer calm” to the editorial staff and the program because of the commotion that arose after the article in de Volkskrant, the spokesperson said.

On Saturday afternoon, Egbers discussed the situation with the management of the NOS. According to the Volkskrant article in question, the presenter showed transgressive and intimidating behavior at the NOS Sports editorial office. Among other things, he allegedly harassed a female colleague with whom he had had an affair.

The woman who got harassed by Egbers also told editors-in-chief that she was approached by Janke Dekker, Egbers’ wife, in 2008. Under pressure, she said, she admitted to her the affair, which by then had ended.

Dekker is chairman of MORES, the hotline for undesirable behavior in the cultural and creative industries. According to de Volkskrant, this is also the reason why several NOS Sport employees have not reported wrongdoings through this hotline.

Dekker recently stepped down temporarily from her work for MORES. She has been replaced by board member Amber de Vente. The hotline had previously stated that Dekker’s decision had “absolutely no connection” to the investigation into cross-border behavior at NOS Sport. Dekker is expected to return as chair and face of MORES in April.

However, the MORES hotline was unavailable on Saturday, as it was on Friday evening, for comment on the revealing Volkskrant article about misconduct at the editorial office of NOS Sport.

In the article, Egbers expressed regret for his actions. “I look back on this whole period as a particularly sad time when I made mistakes. I regret that. Unfortunately, I can’t undo it.”

According to the NOS spokesperson, the NOS will talk “with all employees who appear in the article”.

Reporting by ANP

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