Temps to climb to 30ºC in the south on beautiful, sunny day in Netherlands

The Netherlands is in for a beautifully sunny Tuesday, with temperatures climbing to summer values throughout the country and reaching 30 degrees Celsius in the south. The hot summer weather will last through to early next week, though some clouds may move in from the weekend, according to the meteorological institute KNMI.

Tuesday through Friday will see blue skies and full sunshine throughout the Netherlands. Tuesday’s maximum will range from 25 degrees on the Wadden to 30 degrees in the south, with a weak to moderate east to southeasterly wind. Wednesday will look much the same, but with thermometers climbing slightly higher to between 26 and 31 degrees Celsius, Wadden to south.

Until next Monday, the weather will be sunny, dry, and hot for the time of year. Maximums will climb to the high twenties. Over the weekend, the coastal provinces may see some fog during the early morning hours.

After Monday, the chance of showers and thunderstorms increases, followed by changeable weather with maximums around the long-term average, the KNMI said. That will be around 19 degrees Celsius.

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