Suspect released in case of murdered mental health care director Rob Zweekhorst

The case against Jimmy R., who was previously held as a suspect in the mistaken identity murder of mental health care director Rob Zweekhorst, was dropped, as insufficient evidence was found. This was confirmed by his lawyer, according to reports by Crimesite and the AD.

The matter had “quite an impact” on the man, according to lawyer Arthur van der Biezen. Van der Biezen had previously filed a motion to dismiss the case a year ago and again recently. “He had a clear alibi,” he said.

Zweekhorst was shot dead on January 1, 2014 when he was walking his dogs in Berkel en Rodenrijs. He was probably mistaken for Dennis van den B., who lived nearby. The murder of Van den B. was allegedly ordered because at the end of 2013 customs found a batch of cocaine worth approximately 10 million euros. In the drug milieu, this caused a fight and the police discovered that it was apparently intended to punish “those guilty of that damage”.

R. was seen as a possible shooter. René F., a resident of Schiedam, is believed to have ordered the murder, according to the Public Prosecution Service. He faced a non-substantive hearing in court in mid-February. It is not yet known when another hearing in the case will take place.

Reporting by ANP

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