Strike: No international trains to & from Germany on Monday; Some night trains cancelled

The international trains to and from Germany will not run on Monday, because German public transport workers will go on strike, including railway staff. Trains will not run between Amsterdam and Frankfurt, and between Amsterdam and Berlin. The strike will also impact the route between Amsterdam and Basel, and night trains to Austria and Switzerland are also not running, the NS said.

The last Nightjet night train that still runs from the Netherlands will leave on Saturday evening. The next night train to depart after that will leave on Tuesday evening. The last inbound Nightjet will arrive on Sunday morning, and the following night train will arrive on Wednesday morning.

NS said it will contact passengers to let them know how they can cancel or rebook their tickets. They will also inform their customers about how they can get their money back.

Employees who work for German train, tram and bus operators, and those working in airports, seaports and road authorities plan to stop working all day on Monday. They are demanding a higher salary and better working conditions.

Employees of the eurobahn rail company will take part in a strike. They operate a route between Venlo and Hamm with a stop in Düsseldorf, and a route connecting Hengelo and Bielefeld with a stop in Osnabrück.

Arriva operates a train route that crosses the border in Limburg, connecting Heerlen with Aachen, Germany. A spokesperson for the company said that there is a “good chance” that this connection will be canceled on Monday as a result of the strike.

KLM said that it is not yet known whether the strike will affect flights to Germany on Monday. The airline hopes to be able to say more about the impact on air traffic on Friday.

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