Stabbing near Amsterdam Central Station, gunshots fired during arrest

The police caused some panic at Amsterdam Central Station on Thursday evening when they fired shots while arresting a suspect in a stabbing on Stationsplein. The man stabbed someone at the Ibis hotel next to the station, Parool and AT5 report.

The police responded to a report of a stabbing at around 11:15 p.m., a police spokesperson said. Responding officers quickly spotted the man walking around with a knife.

According to the police, the man did not respond to their instructions to give himself up, so they fired shots. Officers also used a taser in the arrest, according to AT5.

The police arrested the suspect within ten minutes of responding to the scene, a spokesperson told ANP.

Paramedics took the victim of the stabbing to a hospital. According to AT5, the victim had severe injuries. The police did not say anything about the possible motive.

Footage on social media shows that the gunshots caused some panic at Amsterdam Central Station. People were running in all directions and trying to find a safe space in the station.

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