Sinterklaas TV show actor to spend months in prison for sexual contact with minor girl

A former actor from the television program and film series, Club van Sinterklaas, was convicted on Thursday of having lewd sexual contact with an underage girl. The District Court in Zwolle said the case against Tim de Z., 58, was proven, and sentenced him to nine months in prison. Six of those months were conditionally suspended.

Prosecutors had demanded a prison sentence of 18 months, with six months conditionally suspended.

The man had exchanged messages with the victim, a fan of his from Deventer, which became increasingly sexual in tone as time went on. She was a fan because of his role as Hoge Hoogte Piet in the film series.

The two met in March 2022 at his home in Amsterdam. He confessed that during that meeting they touched each other’s genitals. He later booked a hotel room in Deventer in June 2022. On the way there, police intercepted both the girl and the actor. The man also confessed that the hotel room meeting could have led to them having sexual intercourse.

The girl sent De Z. a total of 708 photos and videos of her performing sexual acts on herself while nude. According to the court, that material was partly commissioned by the suspect. The court said it believes that he abused a position of authority that he had over the girl. The victim was vulnerable and “cryed with joy when he started following her on Instagram.”

She was later afraid that the friendship would end, which the suspect also threatened. Partly because of this, she went along with the plan to spend time in the Deventer hotel room, the court said.

A condition of the suspended sentence is a ban on contact with the victim. He must also avoid contact with underage girls, and he must undergo psychiatric treatment.

According to the Club van Sinterklaas, the actor has not been associated with the entertainment series for the past five years.

Reporting by ANP

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