Security concerns remain among Diemen student housing residents after incidents

Concerns persist at the RXL student housing complex in Diemen following reports of a suspicious individual, further raising fears and concerns among residents. In May, reports surfaced about possible sexual assault and intimidation incidents around the housing complex. An anonymous student recently contacted NL Times to indicate that the residents still feel unsafe in and around the housing complex.

In June, students informed NL Times that multiple serious sexual assault and harassment incidents allegedly took place within the Rode Kruislaan complex. About a thousand students live in the complex southeast of Amsterdam, which consists of five buildings. A man reportedly chased women as they walked into their apartment building in May. In one case, the victim said she managed to break free from the man in a struggle. Another case reportedly involved rape, residents told NL Times.

A police spokesperson confirmed NL Times at the time that two incidents were reported, including a “serious sexual incident” on May 9 in one of the buildings of the student complex and a report of a woman being harassed in another building of the complex during the night between May 26 and May 27.

A student reaching out in late July complained that the situation had not changed. According to the resident, there were more “concerning” related incidents. The resident also said that residents received a letter from Liever De Key dated from July 25th, stating that there had been another incident presumably involving the same suspect.

Responding to NL Times’ inquiries, a spokesperson for Liever de Key confirmed. “Unfortunately, another incident took place at the beginning of July at the Rode Kruislaan, presumably with the same person.” The latest incident did not take place around the student complex but on the forest path towards the Diemen train station, the spokesperson added.

A spokesperson for the Amsterdam police said that there were no reports of additional sexual assaults after June 1 but noted two reports of a “suspicious person.” The police have since taken safety measures without divulging specifics for security reasons.

Liever de Key also informed NL Times that extra safety measures had been implemented, such as “improving cameras on the site and in the flats and additional patrols by the police,” the spokesperson said. The housing corporation also created a WhatsApp neighbourhood prevention group where residents can inform each other of suspicious situations.

“There’s almost never any messages in it,” said the resident who contacted NL Times. “I hope DeKey informs new residents that are just now moving in of the events that occurred this summer,” the resident added. When asked about the prevailing sentiment within the housing complex, the resident said. “People can’t believe this is happening. People feel unsafe, they are scared to return home alone late at night or after the sun sets.”

“More media attention needs to be given to this situation, and the person needs to be caught,” the resident added.

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