Schiphol: No landings during bad weather on Wednesday morning; KLM cancels 207 flights

Planes will not be allowed to land at Schiphol Airport between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. due to anticipated bad weather on Wednesday. The airport expects cancellations and delays “due to a combination of strong wind gusts, rain and poor visibility.” KLM already cancelled 207 flights as of Tuesday night.

A Schiphol spokesperson said that it will not possible for aircraft to land, which will then have an impact on departing air traffic. She elaborated to say it is due to the flight schedules. When an aircraft cannot arrive at Schiphol, the same aircraft cannot depart later.

It is still unclear how many flights will be affected in total. According to Schiphol, that depends, among other things, on weather conditions and the airlines’ scheduling.

“We find this very annoying for our customers,” KLM said. The airline also pointed out that there is reduced capacity due to planned maintenance on the Buitenveldertbaan, the runway that runs west-east along the A4. This, in combination with the strong wind, means that fewer aircraft are able to take off and land.

EasyJet also said it expects disruptions, but it is still looking at the “precise impact” on their schedule. No delays and cancellations are expected at Transavia for the time being, said a spokesperson.

A Code Yellow weather warning is in effect throughout the country on Wednesday morning. The KNMI issued a warning for strong gusts of wind and lots of rain.

Reporting by ANP

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