Ryanair also cancels flights from and to Eindhoven Airport

After Transavia, budget airline Ryanair also announced to cancel its flights. On Sunday and Monday, six flights from and to Eindhoven Airport will be canceled. Especially vacationers who want to fly to Reus, Marseille, and Ibiza are affected, Eindhovens Dagblad reported.

The announcement was as unexpected for Eindhoven Airport as it was for the Dutch travelers who wanted to enjoy their May holidays. “Ryanair simply informed us without giving any reasons,” said a spokesperson for Eindhoven Airport.

According to the spokesperson “Airlines can make such a decision and they are not obliged to explain why they have done this. It is especially annoying for people who had booked a flight,” Omroep West reported.

Last week, Transavia had to cancel more than 20 flights due to broken aircraft, Eindhovens Dagblad reported. In addition, three return flights will also be canceled on Sunday. Travelers from or to Barcelona, Nice, Valencia, Copenhagen, Faro and Athens are therefore particularly affected.

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