Ram raid at a jewelry store in Son, perpetrators still on the run

A jewelry store in Son, Brabant, was robbed early Saturday morning. The perpetrators drove a car into the store in Dommelstraat around 05:15 a.m. and fled with still unknown loot on two waiting scooters.

The police assume that there are three perpetrators who used two scooters that were probably already ready for the flight, at the height of a nearby optician. The police ask witnesses of the robbery and people who have seen the scooters to come forward.

The car used in the ram raid was left behind. This turned out to be stolen earlier in the night at a house in Eindhoven. No one was injured in the incident. Despite the damage to the jewelry store, local residents did not have to leave their homes.

The police have cordoned off the area and are investigating, Omroep Brabant reported.

Reporting by ANP and NL Times

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