Quarterly childcare subsidy set to decrease due do falling energy prices

The kinderbijslag childcare benefit will be reduced by 3 percent in the coming quarters as a result of falling energy prices. The subsidy amount made available to parents changes with the consumer price index. The decision relates only to the kinderbijslag, a contribution towards childcare costs paid quarterly, and is separate from subsidies for daycare or after-school care.

Last year, energy prices rose sharply due to the war in Ukraine, resulting in record-high inflation. As a result, the kinderbijslag increased by more than 16 percent.

“I realize very well that this will be a setback for parents who are having a hard time,” said Social Affairs Minister Karien van Gennip. She emphasized that the Cabinet will look at “the entire purchasing power picture” in August when evaluating how it will react next year.

“There will be explicit attention to child poverty, families and the social security of Dutch households.”

The quarterly amount for children up to the age of 6 will decrease by 8.06 euros to 261.70 euros. The subsidy for children between the ages of 6 and 11 will fall by 9.97 euros to 317.77 euros. It will drop by 11.52 euros to 373.85 euros for children from 12 to 18.

The reductions will take effect from July 1. At the beginning of next year, child benefits will again be adjusted to the average price level.

Reporting by ANP

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