Police call off search for kidnapped girl in Capelle aan den IJssel

The police have called off the search for a girl who was allegedly abducted by a man in Capelle aan den IJssel, Zuid-Holland, on Friday evening. According to the police, no girl is missing, and camera footage in the area where the girl is believed to have been kidnapped has yielded nothing.

The neighborhood search focused on the streets around Jacob van Ruysdaelsingel, where the girl was last seen. Several children said they claimed to have seen the incident there. “This type of tip-off is always taken very seriously by the police, and that is why the search was expanded considerably. As part of the investigation, conversations were held with residents, and video footage was analyzed,” the police said.

Since the initial reports, no one has contacted the police with further information about the incident, a police spokesperson said on Saturday morning. Also, no report of a missing person had been received at that time.

Reporting by ANP

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