Plans to shrink Schiphol will cost 13,000 jobs: Trade unions

If the government goes through with its plans to shrink Schiphol, it will cost over 13,000 people their jobs. That is the outcome of a study by SEO Economic Research performed at the request of a group of trade unions that are active at the airport. It amounts to about 10 percent of all jobs at and around Schiphol.

The value that Schiphol and the companies active there add to the economy will also decrease sharply. Now that is about 18 billion euros. If Schiphol shrinks, it will be 2 billion euros less.

The consequences will largely occur immediately after the forced contraction is introduced, the SEO said. The unions, therefore, think there will be mass layoffs. Between 1,400 and 5,400 people could face long-term unemployment.

“We understand the need to tackle noise nuisance. As far as we are concerned, it is not either jobs or local residents,” said Camiel Verhagen, president of the pilots’ union VNV. “With this shrinking decision by the government, that is the case, while it is unnecessary.” Trade unions VNC, NVLT, De Unie, and VKP were also involved in the research.

The unions asked the government to reconsider the shrinking plans. Instead, the government should embrace the noise measures put forward by the aviation industry, such as replacing noisy older aircraft with quieter ones.

Reporting by ANP

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