Pieter Omtzigt still considering political future

Pieter Omtzigt is taking more time to decide about his political future. He initially planned to make the decision this week. But on X, formerly Twitter, he wrote that making a “thought-out decision” and “charting out a path” is taking more time than he expected. He will go on vacation with his family first.

Omtzigt’s announcement is eagerly awaited in The Hague. If he decides to participate in the parliamentary election with his own party, he could count on many seats. These would mainly be at the expense of BBB, SP, JA21, and PVV, but the already ailing CDA will also lose more voters.

The Christian Democrats tried in vain last weekend to restore the broken ties with the former CDA parliamentarian. Omtzigt refused, repeating that “the book with the CDA” was closed.

Omtzigt broke with the party after a long-running conflict. Among other things, he was portrayed as “unstable” and excluded by fellow party members. During the Rutte IV government formation process, VVD leader Mark Rutte and VVD scout Annemarie Jorritsma discussed finding him a “function elsewhere.” After leaving parliament with burnout, Omtzigt returned as an independent parliamentarian.

An insider confirmed to ANP after reports by the Volkskrant that Omtzigt is working on the “foundations of a new movement.” It is not yet known when Omtzigt plans to provide more information.

Reporting by ANP

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