Netherlands produced 20 percent more renewable energy last year

Electricity production from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, increased by 20 percent last year. Electricity production from fossil fuel sources fell by 11 percent, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) said. However, electricity production from natural gas, coal and oil still accounts for the largest share of energy in the country. The total amount of electricity produced in 2022 remained about the same compared to a year earlier.

Approximately 40 percent of total electricity production came from renewable sources, compared to 33 percent a year earlier, according to the national statistics office. That also takes into account a reduction in the production of electricity from biomass and hydropower.

Production from solar increased by 54 percent, while wind energy production grew by 17 percent. This is largely due to increased capacity and more favorable weather conditions.

Electricity production from fossil fuels amounted to 67 billion kilowatt hours last year. Production from natural gas fell by 16 percent to 47 billion kilowatt hours.

Coal-generated electricity production accounted for 16 billion kilowatt hours, the same as a year earlier. The June 2022 decision to eliminate the maximum production for coal-fired power stations played a role in this, the CBS said.

Reporting by ANP

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