“Negroid primate” comments get FvD MP cut off from police discrimination debate

Deputy president of the Tweede Kamer Roeling Kamminga denied Gideon van Meijeren the floor during a debate after he called suspects of a violent incident “negroid primates.” The FvD parliamentarian refused to take back his word, which Kamminga found unacceptable, so she cut him off.

Van Meijeren made his statements during a plenary debate on racism and discrimination within the police organization. “But when the Netherlands was shocked last weekend by the most horrifying images of a swarm of negroid people attacking a defenseless white boy…” Van Meijeren said before getting interrupted. After Kamminga warned him that this kind of terminology was unnecessary, Van Meijeren spoke of “a swarm of negroid primates.”

Other parties did not attack Van Meijeren substantively but did make a point of order. DENK leader Farid Azarkan pointed out the rule that debating happens with respect for each other and for the subject. “If you call a group of people primates, it goes far beyond that,” he said. If that happens, the MP should take his words or be denied the floor, Azarkan said.

VVD parliamentarian Ingrid Michon agreed with Azarkan and pointed out that the issue raised by the FvD member was outside the scope of the debate and, therefore, irrelevant.

Van Meijeren refused to take back his words and had to leave the podium.

Forum voor Democratie parliamentarians often cause a stir on the Binnenhof. Party leader Thierry Baudet previously admitted that commotion is really his goal.

Reporting by ANP and NL Times

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