Multiple lightning strikes, many flood reports during Sunday’s thunderstorms

Lighting strikes and flooding caused problems in several places in the Netherlands on Sunday as heavy thunderstorms passed over the country. Fire departments also had their hands full with reports of fallen trees, loose branches, and open manhole covers due to strong winds, RTL Nieuws reports.

In Berkel-Enschot in Noord-Brabant, lightning struck two homes. One resident was injured. The lightning strike also damaged a house and a car.

In Haren in Groningen, lightning caused a fire in a large farmhouse. The blaze caused significant damage.

In Oldenzaal, the fire brigade rescued an adult and two children from a floating car. The car began to drift while driving through a tunnel.

The fire department received over 90 storm damage reports in Enschede and Oldenzaal.

Zwolle got pelted by large hailstones, according to videos on social media. The emergency services received around 30 reports of flooded cellars and homes, especially in the Assendorp neighborhood, the local office for the emergency services told ANP.

The bad weather resulted in many festivals and events being canceled on Sunday, including the Awakenings Summer Festival in Hilvarenbeek, Bospop in Weert, and The Guilty Pleasure Festival in Amsterdam.

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