Most Netherlands residents shopping more carefully due to increased supermarket prices

The majority of people living in the Netherlands have adjusted their shopping patterns in recent months because of increased supermarket prices. A survey carried out by ANP and Kieskompas showed that almost 70 percent now pay closer attention to their wallets when shopping, while roughly three in ten say they have hardly changed their shopping behavior, if at all.

Although inflation has eased somewhat in recent months, supermarket prices are still significantly higher than last year. In April, life was on average 5.2 percent more expensive than one year previously, but people were paying almost 16 percent more for the same groceries, according to Statistics Netherlands.

Around 75 percent of those who said they have changed their shopping habits said they are more likely to buy groceries when they are on sale. About 59 percent have begun to buy store-brand alternatives instead of brand name products, and 58 percent consciously choose to do without more luxury products. Additionally, 49 percent compare the prices from different supermarkets when they shop.

The research also showed that young people have largely started shopping in a different way than older people. More than 70 percent of adults up to and including 35 years of age state that they have adjusted their shopping patterns. This was about six in ten among those over 65.

The survey was conducted between April 16 and May 3. It was completed by a representative group of over 12,000 people living in the Netherlands.

Reporting by ANP

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