More reports of children abducted by their parents last year

Last year, the Center for International Child Abduction (Center IKO) received more reports of children getting abducted. The foundation received 63 more reports last year than in 2021 (229 reports), the center reported on Friday.

These abductions usually involve one parent taking a child to another place of residence against the other parent’s will. According to Center IKO, the mother was the abductor in 78 percent of cases last year. Most children who were abducted and taken abroad ended up in Turkey. Most children abducted and brought to the Netherlands lived in Belgium, Poland, or the United Arab Emirates.

Center IKO can’t say whether the increase in reports also indicates an increase in the number of abductions. According to the organization, which provides parents with free (legal) advice, guidance, and information, this figure means people who need them find them more easily. Parents dealing with child abductions find their way to help more often.

Director Coskun Coruz thinks it is crucial that the organization is known to families where child abduction may be imminent. “In the early stages of a child abduction, being able to provide preventive advice is essential.”

Center IKO reports that of the 265 cases in which preventive consultations were held, only three cases ended with the child being abducted.

Center IKO is a foundation financed by the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Reporting by ANP

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