Meteorological spring kicks off with fog warning, chance of snow on the weekend

Today is the first day of spring, according to the calendar. But the weather didn’t get the memo. Spring kicks off with code yellow fog warnings in the north and west. And while there will be sunshine today, temperatures will remain chilly. There may even be snowfall this weekend and early next week, according to the meteorological institute KNMI.

The fog warning applies to Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland, Flevoland, Friesland, Drenthe, and Groningen. Mist can reduce visibility to less than 200 meters this morning. Turn on your car’s lights, drive slowly, and maintain a safe following distance, the KNMI warned. The fog should dissipate by mid-morning.

The rest of Wednesday will be sunny and dry. Afternoon temperatures will climb to around 7 degrees. There will be little wind in the morning, but a moderate northeasterly will pick up in the afternoon.

Thursday will look a lot like Wednesday but with more clouds. “From the coming weekend, the days will be colder, and there will be winter showers,” the KNMI said. The meteorological institute thinks there may be snow on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It also expects to have to issue icy road warnings during those days.

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