Man with loaded crossbow at Schiphol Airport station arrested

A man was arrested on a train platform at Schiphol Airport on Sunday who was walking around with a loaded crossbow. The Marechaussee described it as a threatening situation. An employee of national railway NS managed to disarm the suspect.

The man was seen walking on the track with his crossbow around 1:30 p.m., the Marechaussee said. The military branch provides security at the airport. The office soon received several reports from passengers about someone carrying what looked like a weapon while walking around on platform 2, RTL Nieuws reported.

According to a spokesperson for the Marechaussee, a NS employee had already “heroically” knocked the crossbow out of the man’s hands before they arrived. Marechaussee personnel eventually overpowered the suspect and handcuffed him.

It is not yet clear why the suspect was walking around with a crossbow that was cocked and ready to fire.

Reporting by ANP and NL Times

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