Man found dead in apartment in Den Bosch after laying undiscovered for five months

The police found a dead man in his apartment in Den Bosch on Saturday morning. According to the police, the man died of natural causes more than five months ago. “No one deserves to go unnoticed for so long,” the police wrote on Facebook, calling on people to sometimes keep an eye on their neighbors. “Social monitoring is important. Especially with the elderly or those who act like hermits.”

On Facebook, the police pointed to signals that may indicate that something is not right. “Do you notice your neighbor suddenly stops making noise, doesn’t come out, doesn’t keep appointments, and/or that the mailbox is getting fuller? Then take precautions and call 0900-8844.”

By paying attention to each other, such bad cases can be prevented, the police said. “Because every year a deceased person is found somewhere, where the signs were already clear, but the social safety net did not work properly.”

Reporting by ANP

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