Man abducted in Spanbroek found in Beverwijk, confirms kidnapping

The man who was forced into a car in Spanbroek, Noord-Holland, on Friday afternoon was found in Beverwijk on Monday after several tips that he had been spotted there. The victim confirmed that he had been abducted, a police spokesperson told AD.

The man was found alone on the street close to the train station. He appeared confused but had no external injuries. Police officers spoke to the man after he had been medically examined.

The only thing the police said about his identity is that he is a foreigner who speaks English or Dutch. The police would say nothing more because “his loved ones have not yet been reached,” the spokesperson said to AD.

The man was forced into a car on Herenweg in Spanbroek at around 2:20 p.m. on Friday. About an hour before that happened, several people saw him walking on his socks at the shopping center and bus stop on Herenweg. On Sunday, the police released a photo showing the man getting into a bus.

The police arrested two men early on Saturday morning for involvement in the possible abduction. They were still in custody on Monday.

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