Lengthy argument led to fatal New Year’s stabbing of 18-year-old

The New Year’s Eve stabbing in Bladel, where an 18-year-old man stabbed another to death, was preceded by an argument that lasted several minutes. That quarrel was captured on video, it emerged during a status hearing on the case in a Den Bosch courtroom on Friday.

Nick B. from Bladel has confessed that he stabbed his fellow townsman, Ali Hasan, to death. However, the defense and the Public Prosecution Service have a completely different perspective about the incident. B.’s lawyer stated that his client stabbed Hasan because B. was threatened with a firearm. That weapon was found, but it was not functional.

However, the prosecutor said that Nick B. appeared to be the aggressor in the video of the minutes-long argument. The suspect threatened the victim with “a huge knife,” while the victim remained calm, the prosecutor claimed.

The two suspects have a turbulent history, which emerged on Friday. Both have previously been convicted of assaulting each other. B. received another six months in prison for this in April, of which 73 days were conditional. The victim was also sentenced last year for a botched robbery attempt.

B.’s lawyer asked for the suspect to be released from custody, but the court rejected that request. It is not yet immediately established that this is a case of self-defense, the court said.

In preparation for the upcoming trial, Nick B. will still be examined by behavioral experts.

The next procedural hearing in the case was set for July 4. The trial is expected to begin on August 11.

Reporting by ANP

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