Governor concerned about right-wing extremism in Limburg

Governor Emile Roemer is very concerned about right-wing extremist groups active in Limburg. These include the radical right-wing groups Wolvenrad, White Lives Matter, and Patriottische Jeugd Parkstad (Patriotic Youth Parkstad). Roemer wants to consult about this with the intelligence service AIVD, the police, and the judiciary, a spokesperson for the province confirmed reports in De Limburger on Saturday.

Roemer responded to an article in De Limburger this weekend about the three right-wing extremist groups. According to the newspaper, Wolvenrad is a neo-Nazi group led by Timo S., a resident of Maastricht. One of the key figures of White Lives Matter, 34-year-old Daniel S., is from Landgraaf. And Patriottische Jeugd Parkstad is very active in the region, according to the newspaper.

According to the newspaper, Wolvenrad openly calls itself “national socialists,” holds flag burnings in caves, celebrates Hitler’s birthday with “Heil Hitler cake,” and commemorates German war victims. White Lives Matter is known for, among other things, the laser racist laser projection on the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.

Wolvenrad and White Lives Matter are known for racist and anti-Semitic expressions and for spreading hatred against the LGBTQIA+ community, among others. Both groups strive for a new, fascist world order, according to the newspaper. Patriottische Jeugd Parkstad describes itself as “radical right.” They are particularly against mass immigration.

The anti-fascist research group Kafka told De lImburger that such a concentration of extreme right-wing groups occurs nowhere else in the Netherlands. Only northeast Groningen comes close.

According to his spokesperson, Roemer was quite shocked by the article in the newspaper. He wants to map out how to take action.

The AIVD, the police, and the judiciary wouldn’t respond substantively to De Limburger. They said that membership in the groups is not illegal because the groups are not banned.

Reporting by ANP

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