FNV concludes collective bargaining agreements for TUI fly and easyJet after lengthy discussions

The FNV has succeeded in concluding collective agreements with two airlines where the union was initially unwanted. On Friday, the union reported that the first collective agreement for TUI fly cabin crew had come into force. The FNV also succeeded in reaching a negotiated agreement for easyJet’s Dutch stewards, stewardesses, and pursers.

Regarding the agreements at TUI fly, FNV board member Birte Nelen called it a “historic moment.” Since 2019, the union has been trying to have a say in negotiating working conditions. Initially, TUI fly only wanted to hear the works council, but FNV took the matter to court. An appeals court ruled last year that TUI fly must enter into negotiations with the union.

“After that, TUI fly behaved like a constructive employer,” Nelen stated. She said staff will now earn between 8 and 13.5 percent more. A deal was also agreed upon to allow older colleagues to work less with a pay supplement, without affecting their pension rights.

Furthermore, EasyJet had previously tried to reach an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement with another union, VNC. However, this failed, and the FNV threatened a possible strike by cabin crew during the busy May holidays. That strike eventually did not happen, as the airline decided to negotiate with FNV after all.

According to the union, the agreement included a wage increase of more than 10 percent and a one-time financial payment. EasyJet employee and FNV member Cheyenne van Egmond responded, “We are very proud of this result and hope that the members will also agree. Because they obviously have the last word.”

Reporting by ANP

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