Five victims of Voorschoten train crash still in hospital, one in ICU

Five of the over 30 people who got hurt in a train accident in Voorschoten on Tuesday are still in the hospital, the regional consultation for the acute care chain ROAZ said. One victim is still in intensive care, reports.

Those who got hurt can receive aftercare and support from Victim Support Netherlands. On Wednesday, 32 travelers and others involved made use of this. NS promised to send a flower to all affected travelers.

An information meeting for local residents happened in Voorschoten on Thursday evening. About 50 locals attended, with mayor Nadine Stemerdink, aid workers from Victim Support, and experts from the crisis organizations involved in the accident’s aftermath.

The officials answered locals’ questions and the atmosphere was positive, was all a municipal spokesperson would say to

At around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday, a freight train collided with a construction crane on the tracks at Voorschoten. The wreckage of the crane ended up on another track, where an NS intercity crashed into it and derailed. One person, the 65-year-old driver of the crane, died in the crash. The driver was employed by the construction company BAM and the crane also belonged to the company.

Due to the accident, no trains will run between Leiden and The Hauge until at least April 18. ProRail needs time to repair the extensive damage to the infrastructure.

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