Extinction Rebellion protesters enter grounds of Eindhoven Airport, blocking private jet area

Several hundred climate activists from Extinction Rebellion entered the grounds of Eindhoven Airport on Saturday, where planes take off and land. The climate action group Extinction Rebellion (XR) says it has no intention of entering the runway of Eindhoven Airport. According to an XR spokesperson, the group is in the area where private jets are parked.

The activists cut a hole in a fence and climbed through it. The climate activist group was stopped by the Marechaussee and the police, reported an ANP reporter on the spot. The group was instructed by the XR organization to sit down and settle in.

“The rebels block the private jet area at Eindhoven Airport. The entrance to the VIP lounge is occupied and the Luchtfietsers are also present at the airport. The activists do not enter the runway in order not to disturb other flights to and from the airport,” said XR.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has summoned the group several times to leave the site. But the group refuses to do so. According to the XR spokesperson, the protesters will remain on site until the airport grants their demands.

Extinction Rebellion has also arranged a so-called support demonstration, including a children’s corner. It is located on the Luchthavenweg, in front of the arrivals hall. There are many banners and flags and there is singing.

On Twitter, the climate activist group wrote that they are taking action at the Eindhoven Airport because “Just like Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport causes air pollution, noise nuisance and damage to health. Here too, the nature permit is not in order.”

In response to the announced demonstration by Extinction Rebellion (XR), Eindhoven Airport director Roel Hellemons said that the airport is doing as much as possible to quickly become more sustainable.

“Eindhoven Airport shares the view of Extinction Rebellion that aviation, just like other sectors, must (quickly) become more sustainable. We also feel the urgency,” said the director in a statement on the website. That is why, according to Hellemons, the airport is not aiming for more growth, but is focusing on making existing air traffic more sustainable.

According to the director, the airport also encourages airlines to renew their fleet. “From 1 April, airlines will pay a more favorable rate if they use the latest cleaner and quieter aircraft at Eindhoven Airport,” explained Hellemons.

Reporting by ANP and NL Times

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