Explosives, cocaine found in Veenendaal home; Five arrested

The police found 17 cobra fireworks, a kilogram of cocaine, and 500 grams of amphetamine when searching a home on Jan Roeckplantsoen in Veenendaal on Wednesday evening. They arrested five suspects.

Cobra fireworks are illegal in the Netherlands. They are often used as explosives in attacks on homes and businesses, which have become increasingly common in recent months. There have been over 50 such attacks in Rotterdam since the start of this year. The counter in Amsterdam stood at nearly 30.

The police discovered the explosives after secretly following a taxi that had been listed as “suspicious” in a previous case. The taxi stopped at the Veenendaal home, and a man entered with a bag. The police decided “to honor the residents with a visit.”

“In the house, the police officers found drug-related activities. Moments later, the drugs and 17 cobras were found,” the police said.

The police arrested five suspects. The investigation is ongoing.

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