Experts searching for Nazi loot in Gelderland village today

On Monday, experts will search two locations in Ommeren, Gelderland, for possible Nazi loot. The municipality of Buren granted the Historische Kring Kesteren a permit for excavation work to put to rest speculation sparked by a treasure map found at the National Archives in The Hague in January, Omroep Gelderland reports.

The treasure map allegedly leads to valuables German soldiers had taken from the Rotterdamschebank on the Velperweg in Arnhem and buried near Ommeren. The map’s discovery in January quickly became world news and lured fortune seekers with metal detectors to the Gelderland village en masse – to locals’ massive annoyance.

The municipality decided to cooperate with Monday’s investigation to put rumors – and hopefully the unwanted individual searches – to rest. A certified archaeological agency will carry out excavation work at two locations designated by a historian. Anything they find will be handed over to a designated depot for examination.

If the experts find nothing, the story of the Nazi treasure will be definitely closed, a spokesperson for the municipality told Omroep Gelderland.

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