Dutch woman molested, stabbed by resort bartender in Goa, India

A 29-year-old Dutch woman was molested and stabbed by a bartender at a resort in Mandrem, India. As reported by local media, the bartender broke into the woman’s tent in the middle of the night, harassed her and stabbed her a short time later. When the Dutch woman’s screams drew attention, a 42-year-old food and beverage manager came to her aid and was stabbed by the bartender.

The Dutch woman traveled through India in March and wanted to stay at the resort for one night before leaving for a four-day yoga retreat in Goa.

The 29-year-old reported that she went to her tent to sleep after dinner. However, the tent did not have a door, and was only made of a fabric. She told the police that “Around 2 a.m., suddenly the light was switched on. I woke up and saw a man removing the mosquito net around the bed. He had duct tape in his hand and he tried to grab me,” the Indian Express reported.

When the Dutch woman screamed for help the 27-year-old bartender told her to be quiet or otherwise he would kill her. “I bit him hard as he put his fingers in my mouth, and tried to push him off the bed. As I struggled, I kept yelling for help. Then I saw another man enter the tent. Initially, I was scared that he was an associate of the accused, but he told me that he was there to help, and a fight ensued between the two,” Indian Express wrote.

A short time later, however, the perpetrator returned, armed with a kitchen knife, and stabbed the 42-year-old man. The wounded man then ran away to get help. Meanwhile, the bartender stabbed the Dutch woman. However, the 29-year-old Dutch woman managed to overpower the perpetrator and take the knife from him. The perpetrator then fled after she asked him to leave, she told local police.

Subsequently, the 29-year-old Dutch woman was taken to a hospital together with the 42-year-old man who came to her aid. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to RTL Nieuws that she was receiving medical attention. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “could not give any information about the medical condition of the victim.” Currently, the woman from the Netherlands is receiving consular assistance.

On Thursday, the bartender was arrested after the stabbing attack. As reported by local media, the 27-year-old perpetrator is said to have worked as a bartender at the resort for two years. According to RTL Nieuws, the man is suspected of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

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