Dutch and Belgian railways to double daily intercity trains to Brussels by 2025

The Dutch national railway NS and the Belgian national railway NMBS will double the daily Intercity train services between the Netherlands and Brussels starting in 2025. NS announced this in a press release on Monday. The number of connections will increase from 16 to 32 daily.

From 2025 onward, half of these trains will start their journeys from Amsterdam Zuid station, shifting from their current departure point of Amsterdam Centraal station. This change will reduce travel times by 45 minutes. The time savings are attributed to faster train services, fewer intermediate stops, and the location of Amsterdam Zuid, which is closer to the high-speed rail line compared to Amsterdam Centraal.

Furthermore, NS ordered new trains designed for the Amsterdam Zuid – Brussels Midi/Zuid route. These trains, accommodating up to 413 passengers, can operate in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Together with NMBS, NS will work out further details such as the timetable and ticket prices in the coming period.

Alongside the 16 trains operating from Amsterdam Zuid, a train service from Rotterdam Centraal to Brussels Midi/Zuid will also run 16 times every day starting in 2025. These trains will maintain their existing stops, so no changes in their travel times are expected.

Taking into account the new Intercity services with the ongoing Thalys trains, by 2025 it is expected that 47 trains will operate daily between the Netherlands and Brussels.

“Every traveler choosing the train for their journey to Brussels contributes to the fight against climate change. It is up to us to make the green option also the easy option,” NS CEO Wouter Koolmees stated.

NS reports suggested that in the first half of this year, Brussels emerged as the top international destination for travelers from the Netherlands, with its popularity growing faster than other international locations. Following Brussels, Antwerp ranks as the second most favored destination.

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