Delft start-up Meatable runs cultured meat taste test in Singapore

The Delft start-up Meatable ran a taste test of its cultured meat in Singapore during an event with its commercial partners and government representatives responsible for the economic development of the Asian city-state. They were able to taste sausages made from laboratory-grown pork last week.

Singapore is one of the forerunners in allowing cultured meat on the market. This concerns animal meat that is manufactured by fostering the multiplication of a few animal cells. In this way, Meatable wants to make meat without the adverse consequences caused by current industrial agriculture processes, such as pollution and animal suffering.

The event was a “big step towards obtaining a license to produce and sell” its cultured meat in Singapore, the company said.

The first Meatable products should be available in supermarkets and the hospitality industry in Singapore next year. Initially, this will be in the form of sausages and dumplings with meat filling.

The Delft company said it wants to organize more events in the coming months where people can taste cultured meat. That needs to happen in Singapore as well as elsewhere. These tastings should also give Meatable insight into how people react to cultured meat and how it can best be marketed.

Reporting by ANP

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