Call center workers in the Netherlands set to get 16% pay raise

Wages of call center workers in the Netherlands are set to increase by 16 percent, trade union FNV reported on Wednesday. The reimbursements for costs incurred by working from home will also go up.

The collective bargaining agreement for call centers was published in the Official Gazette on Wednesday. Since it has been declared generally binding, it will apply to every call center employee in the Netherlands, benefiting approximately 40,000 employees. This agreement is effective immediately and will remain in place until December 31.

All employees will enjoy a 16 percent pay raise. Furthermore, wages for those who earned above the minimum hourly rate in 2022 will see adjustments. Their salaries will see an uplift ranging from 7 percent to as much as 18.1 percent.

“This is really great news for a lot of people. Especially in this expensive period, a wage increase like this comes at the right time,” said FNV Callcenters director Elly Heemskerk.

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