Auto industry: new car sales up in June, but are leveling off

New car sales in the Netherlands increased in June. Last month, 37,340 new passenger cars were registered, up more than 24 percent from June 2022, according to industry associations RAI Vereniging, BOVAG, and data specialist RDC, which, however, noted a flattening of growth.

In May, for example, sales were still up 42 percent on an annual basis. According to RAI Vereniging, BOVAG, and RDC, this indicates a possible end to the supply and inventory problems in the auto industry. Car manufacturers were still struggling with shortages of computer chips and other parts last year. The strong growth in recent months is due to the delivery of outstanding orders from 2022.

Overall, Volkswagen sold the most cars in the Netherlands in June, followed by Kia and Tesla. However, the Tesla Model Y was the most popular model last month.

Reporting by ANP

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