Amsterdam shocked by multiple incidents against drag queens during Pride

The municipality of Amsterdam finds it “terrible” that several drag queens were abused and threatened during Pride. “Violence, harassment, and exclusion are unacceptable,” said a spokesperson. On Wednesday, Diva Mayday reported on Facebook that she had been abused and threatened during the Pride event in Amsterdam. Colleagues Victoria False and Skyla Versai said that Uber drivers refused them during the last week of Pride because they are drag queens.

Diva Mayday, who received one of Amsterdam’shighest awards a year ago for her commitment to the city, said she was “insulted and threatened” by taxi drivers from Uber and Bolt. Skyla Versai, who is called Donald Collins in everyday life, said a Bolt driver hit her.

“Drag queens belong to Amsterdam. They must feel free and safe. We have had discussions with the taxi industry about this before and will discuss it again because it must come to an end. We call on victims of such incidents to always report so that the police can track down the perpetrators.”

LGBTQIA+ interest organization COC takes the matter seriously. “Despite the declaration of intent that Uber signed with the municipality of Amsterdam and the taxi industry in 2019 to end violence and discrimination in the taxi, the platforms are still unsafe for our community,” said a spokesperson. The COC has contacted the municipality of Amsterdam about the incidents.

Recently there have been several incidents in which members of the rainbow community were attacked in Amsterdam. DJ Joost van Bellen was called a “cancer gay” a few weeks ago, and his husband got spat in the face. Drag queen Miss Envy Peru was attacked by a group of boys in early July. She was insulted and threatened with a weapon. Mayor Femke Halsema called the incident “horrible in a city that stands for freedom.”

Reporting by ANP

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