Amsterdam says avoid Jordaan on King’s Day, Breda warns of crowds; NS has payment problems

The Amsterdam city center neighborhood of the Jordaan became so busy on Thursday that the municipality issued an appeal to tourists to celebrate King’s Day elsewhere. “Don’t come to the Jordaan anymore,” Amsterdam wrote on Twitter. Later, the municipality also asked people to also stop traveling to the larger city center area due to the crowds. “Celebrate King’s Day somewhere else,” the city said.

In a number of streets in the Jordaan, the municipality has established one-way traffic to promote the flow of people. “It is also becoming a lot busier elsewhere in the center of Amsterdam,” said a spokeswoman for the municipality. “We’re watching that closely.”

The municipality of Breda also asked people to stop going to the city center, because it is too busy. “So enjoy your oranjebittertje or orange tompouce in a quieter place,” the city tweeted.

Tens of thousands of people gathered on the Chasséveld in Breda for the King’s Day festival from Radio 538. Artists such as Davina Michelle, Maan, Son Mieux, Suzan & Freek and DI-RECT were scheduled to perform.

“The atmosphere is insanely good,” said a Radio 538 spokeswoman. “The sun is shining and all the visitors are inside. With 40,000 revelers, a line-up of more than 45 artists and this beautiful weather, we can already call it a very successful 29th edition of 538 King’s Day. We are going to enjoy this wonderful day for a few more hours with performances by Snollebollekes and Armin van Buuren, among others,“ she said.

However, it is not currently possible to buy a train ticket online or via the NS app, the NS confirmed after reporting by Online sales have been struggling due to a malfunction since about 1:30 p.m., a spokeswoman said. That’s probably because too many people want to buy a ticket for the train on King’s Day.

People who want to take the train can simply check in at the station with their public transport chip card or debit card. They can also buy a separate ticket at a vending machine at the station.

It is not yet known when the malfunction will be resolved, the spokeswoman said. The NS is working on it.

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