5G auction may yield less for the Dutch treasury than expected

The distribution of new licenses for the super-fast 5G mobile network this fall may yield less for the state treasury than previously thought. The minimum yield is set at 176 million euros, compared to the previous minimum amount of 300 million euros. The outcome of the auction will determine the actual proceeds.

The Cabinet wanted to auction off the rights to use the new frequencies for 5G much earlier. However, that was delayed because the company Inmarsat has used one of those frequencies for decades to receive distress signals from seafaring vessels.

Inmarsat took the issue to court, which ruled in its favor. A solution has since been found, and Inmarsat is moving its dishes from the Burum, Friesland to a new location in Greece.

However, it did mean that Economic Affairs Minister Micky Adriaansens had to come up with a new auction protocol. That regulation was sent out for consultation on Friday.

The new scheme also sets a new minimum price. This was set based on the outcome of auctions in other European Union countries.

Reporting by ANP

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