20 residents evacuated after explosion in apartment building in Oosterwolde; one arrested

An explosion occurred in an apartment building in the Frisian town of Oosterwolde on Saturday evening around 6 p.m. It is presumed to be a gas explosion. A 21-year-old man was injured suffered burns. He was taken to the hospital. The residents of the complex on the Gijenham had to be evacuated.

A 26-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the gas explosion. The man will be questioned by the police on Sunday about his role in the explosion. “The investigation must show whether the suspect has shown culpable behavior,” the police said.

In total, about 20 residents from different apartments in the building were affected. They were moved to the city hall. It is still being assessed where they will spend the night. In one of the apartments there is still a cat, and in the apartments there are several other pets in the residents’ homes. Therefore, the animal ambulance was on the scene as well.

The explosion in the apartment on the top floor of the apartment has caused cracks in the side wall. The fire department spoke of “severe damage”. The apartment has been designated as a crime scene, as it is necessary to investigate what happened. The cause of the suspected gas explosion is still unclear.

The explosion was heard in the surrounding area, said a spokesperson of the fire department.

The security region Frŷslan reported that the property is too unsafe to enter. On Monday, the municipality of Ooststellingwerf, to which the village belongs, and the housing association WoonFriesland will examine how to proceed.

Reporting by ANP

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