1 in 25 Netherlands homes cost more than €1 million

Over one in 25 homes in the Netherlands is worth 1 million euros or more. Last year, the Netherlands counted 195,000 million-euro homes, 14 percent more than a year earlier, the Telegraaf reported based on data agency Calcasa’s annual publication on million-euro homes.

Ten years ago, the Netherlands counted only 14,000 homes worth over 1 million euros. But due to the rising house prices, many more passed the million mark, especially in the past few years. In popular locations in the Randstad, even terraced houses often cost 1 million euros or more. The average value of a million-euro home is now 1.35 million euros.

Amsterdam has the most homes worth 1 million euros or more at 20,100, followed by The Hague (10,900) and Rotterdam (5,250). The homes that cost the most are in Blaricum and Bloemendaal. There, the million-euro homes are over 2,000 euros per square meter more expensive.

The streets with the largest number of €1 million homes are in Amsterdam – Keizersgracht has 579 homes worth a million euros or more, Prinzengracht (495) and Valeriusstraat (360). There are also streets where all the homes are worth over a million euros. Calcassa listed ten, including three in Wassenaar, two in Bilthoven, and one in Blaricum, Aerdenhout, Zeist, and Bussum.

Like in 2021, the most expensive street in the Netherlands was in Wassenaar last year. On Konijnenlaan, homes cost an average of 3.3 million euros. Second place went to Torenlaan in Blaricum (2.6 million euros) and Oranje Nassaulaan in Amsterdam (2.5 million euros.)

Owners of these pricey homes had to deal with a sharp increase in fixed costs last year, Calcasa noted. Property tax rose from an average of 750 euros to 850 euros. But the biggest increase was energy costs, due to the relatively large number of million-euro homes with bad insulation. “The group with poor energy labels E, F, and G is relatively much larger than for non-million euro homes. Because million-euro homes also have a larger living area and content and are more often detached, energy costs rise quickly.” Last year, the owner of a million-euro home spent 7,250 euros on energy, compared to 3,300 euros in 2021.

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